Katarzyna Perlak

July 25th, 2009 Comments Off

In my work I have been mostly exploring the visual language of  photographic image. In my recent projects I have been looking at private spaces, others and mine.

Objects, experiences, memories and everyday entities that translate into something more, something beyond that.

I work with constructed image and I am seeking to establish a space constructed from the perceived qualities of a number of spaces merged within my work.

In the “Take me to a happy place” piece, that I produced for The last week gallery show I am challenging my practice by working in 3D. This installation is distributed between balcony, bathroom and the room that I have lived in for the past six months.

it is about a journey, about what has had and what will. about the gap between spaces, and the meanwhile. and what’s gone and what is present and what is there to come. not yet. already.

for examples of my previous projects and bio info go here

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